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International Opportunities for Undergraduates

The International Business Certificate is intended to benefit those students seeking to broaden their understanding of international business and foster the development of their global mindset. The certificate program is open to all College of Business and Economics majors including those enrolled in IBE and CSB programs. Students who successfully complete requirements for graduation and who complete the IB Certificate requirements will be honored with a certificate at the CBE Honors Celebration. Read more...


Globalization has created an increasing need on young business students to develop their global perspective and international skills in order to become more adaptable to a global market through a better understanding of global business issues and their ability to communicate more effectively with people from diffferent countries and cultures around the world.

There are many options available to CBE undergraduates to attain an international experience. Deciding which program(s) to participate is a very individual decision based on personal & academic goals; aspirations as well as possible financial or time constraints.

Students can work with their academic advisor; study abroad office; Global Initiatives Office and take advantage of the mentorship program offered through the International business club where students will be assigned with an CBE upperclassman to help navigate the options and application process.